Mental Health, unfair actions and reports, lgbtq+

An unfair actions that been taking agains me by a group of unfair people, who reported me just for my colors while using a moment of weakness in the game that been used agains me as a purpose of report. My mental condition. Ive been seeking justice and help in tech support to bring to justice people who reported me for unfair reasons, used a moment of my weakness while I was angry in the game, while I was not rely by any mean to anyn player in the game to offent them personaly or offent anyone in the game. I was silenced for no reason just becauase group of russians saw LGBTQ symbolycs in my profile and not that rude words in chat as a reason to report with only one purpose cause hurm to me and hurt my feelings while I wasnt said anything terrible in the chat and didnt meant to offent anyone peronaly. Without any investigation, no one even ask my any questions they silenced me. In 21st centure while people fight for freedom and freedom of speech a Gay person cant express their emotions. I personaly take this actions unfair, my feelinsg been hurt, and my name was put in dirt as i’m some kind of disrespectful garbage. I do respet people and would never let myself personaly offent any person directly. I absolutely lost, lost my passion to dedicate myself to this game and tired of unfair and unjustifiend moments that hapens a lot in this game and gaming industry. I, I feel lost and feel terrible! I wrote so many messages to reveal the truth that I didnt mean to offend anyone, I dont deserve such actions, my name means a lot to me and you put it in dirt with your actions, by silence me.
This game was the only thing that distracts me from bad things and toughts, I dont know why I was keep comming back, just to forget pain and suffering, to keep myself away from suice or bad things. I write this so people know. I just thought it is a good place where I can be, place where there is no hurm or hate, but it’s look like i’m an error, mistake with no right to express myself and being emotional. You not only hurt my feelings by unfair actions agains me, you you broke my heart and make me feel like I dont want to life anymore.

Say you was wrong, say you love me, say you sorry, dont live me like this. I will gone forever and no one ever would care, and this is the problem of this world! You will not see my again in this blizzard world, world that silences people just only because a group of trolls reported me for my colors or being myself, and you know what> I’m proud of who I am, I am me! Emotional or not I have rights to express myself and have right to speak.

Community is what makes games alive!

5 minutes of attention save someones life while none of you, your support’ team didnt even ask if I need help or was trying to solve the problem, try to help me or even calm me, investigate, ask me what happen. Was this actions agains me fair or not.

This is the real problem that needs attention, attention that can save live. This is my last message to you. Hope it will save someone lives.

Goodbye <3

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