ME server enforcer role suggestion

Dear Blizzard admin team,

I play Overwatch regularly on the pc platform. I also used to play it console. I have a proposition to make which is offering an enforcer role in the ME server. The main reason is to eliminate toxicity and hackers. In my opinion the ME server is a love/hate server we love it because it offers us the real experience of playing our favorite game Overwatch lag free and get to know our close distance players and make gaming friendship with them the hate part comes from the infestation of hackers and toxicity in chat and team chat audio. The localization of chat is irrelevant since Overwatch doesn’t support Arabic in its text chat which is understandable but most players use Arabic in English format to convey their messages which is harder to detect. Therefore, I would like to be an ME server enforcer to report to you the bad behavior which breaks the policies and rules in the Overwatch games. Please let me know if this role can be submitted to me and you may check my profile and do let me know how can I make the ME server a better place. I know it is a big responsibility and I am certain and confident of my abilities to make ME server a better place.



I agree with HBBH, due to the complexity of the Arabic/English language mix in chat blizzard systems could not detect the amount of toxicity and hate in our servers which lead to a lot of people just avoiding the middle east by using VPN, IP blocks which hurts the quality of games and amount of people we are facing and playing with/against.