Me and my friend appear offline although we are not

Me and my friend were playing Modern Warfare until his game crashed and when he rebooted the game, he said i appeared as offline on the app although for me i was online and in-game.
I tried restarting my app and now both of us can’t see who’s online on our friends list

I can change my profile status to Online, Away, etc… without an issue, but none of those options can make me appear as online.

And inside of the game itself, i can see everyone in my friends list, but everyone has the same name and all of them appear as offline.

I’ve tried restarting the app, changing region, deleting Battle net cache, none of those options worked for me nor for my friend. We wanted to use the ‘‘deleting the app and installing it again’’ card as a last resort. Is there anything else we can try?

Side note: Forgot to mention that my profile picture is gone aswell


I’ve been having this same issue on and off since blizzcon, seems it can be solved sometimes by waiting.

Same issue. Waiting doesn’t work (I’ve been waiting an entire day)…

My friend and I have the same issue we are shown as offline. The only differnce is, his friends are shown all with the same username while my friends don`t have any usernames shown

Same issue here. I appear offline and whenever I try to go online, it just throws me back. I tried manually re-adding my friend and I got an error message saying “you are not in the same realm” but I triple checked and we are both in EU.

Hi, i have the same problema, do you know how to solve?

owww blizzard haha, same trouble here

same here :tired_face:
blizzard is been 2 years since this thread was started, help us out here!

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I have the problem here …

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