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In order to retain more new players who have not played Diablo

To the Blizzard Entertainment, to the Diablo. I am a player from China. Love the game of Diablo. There is now the possibility of a sharp decline in the number of people online. I am here to solemnly pass this letter to express my suggestions: (mobile games and PC games environment is different)
1 increase the peak level of the daily limit.
2 change PVP mode:
2.1 Shadow Guild and Immortal dynasty PVP changed from Dungeon Mode to Castle Assault Mode, allowing more players to participate in the game. Now many players are confused, insufficient participation in the game lead to no sense of experience.
2.2 increase the PVP for PUBG schema. This mode can be adopted in the new map. This will attract a lot of players.
2.3 the current PVP mode can be changed from a single attack and defense mode to a 5-8 player mode similar to the MOBA mode, and reduce the revenue of some legendary gemstones in the PVP environment.
3 more PVE entertainment items (because some new players can’t understand the game mode that traditional players like)
4 dropped equipment increased, but the perfect attribute occurrence rate can be reduced.

Now, 80% of the players said that after 80 peak combat levels, there was nothing to do. There was a rapid loss of players, and the friends around them had nothing to do.

I am a professional game player, have also done game planning, I hope to give your company’s advice, hope to improve. Thank you for watching.