Maybe a solution for error BLZBNTBNA00000012

Hi, sorry for my bad english
if i can help you, i solve the error with this method

This is in my language Italian.

  1. Close all the app like etc etc
  2. Windows — Run ---- C:\ProgramData/
    3)Erase folder
    4)Set all the app in “Run as administrator”
    5)Open ---- click Install the game ( dont worry, need few minutes)

Mine started a 50GB download :frowning:

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But it also fixed it! thank you!

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obligado! gracias! merci! vielen danke! Thank you so much!
I’m from Japan. could not find solution until today!
you are so great and valuable super star!
thanks a lot!
now NO 00012 error!!!

very sad information.
again, after re-start PC, error occur again.
same 00012 and could not start.
delete all related file and folders but could not repair.
need another solution. please help!
what a bad system…

Hi man,

You can still run the game though the main folder
look for ModernWarfare.exe should be in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty Modern Warfare

This is the only way to launch the game for me…

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ye work for me but only 4/7min after this game crash :frowning: