Mass server transfer

Hey, this is Brandal of Spirestone and I have a concern
When I was a new player I didn’t know which servers were good and what were bad, I am trying to gain five million gold for my brutosaur mount and it’s hard to sell stuff on my server because it’s such low pop

I was planning on transferring anyway because of a guild I like to sargaras, however for all 5 of my toons I want to transfer that would cost 125 dollars which I think is a little much for me. I need each of these toons due to professions and I am attached to a few of em, simply making a new death knight and not playing this one would be like killing a friend.
I think there should be mass server transfers available for like 60/70 bucks or free transfers off low pop servers
Heck spires tone is like 80% horde which makes it even worse.
If a mass server transfer were available I could get off this god forsaken server. Additionally I feel as if they should show faction ratio for each server rather then looking on 3rd party sites