Make WoW PvP / BGs Great - The Best WoW PvP Idea / Fix ever

  • This is a serious solution and requested update.
  • This post is oriented towards reworking battlegrounds. When I say PvP I am speaking of PvP from the battleground perspective.

WoW PvP - particularly battlegrounds has had many problems for a long time. The various problems has torn the WoW community apart, and a lot of the problems has deterred many WoW players from engaging in PvP / Battlegrounds altogether.

Current state of battlegrounds is broken into brackets starting at level 10 going to 19. Then from level 20-29… etc etc… Each player brings into battlegrounds their own armour, weapons, buffs, potions etc. Players in the brackets have level advantages over their peers. They have armour, and weapon advantages. Some players are wielding heirlooms to of which new players to the game don’t possess at all.

I suggest for the sake of creating a more balanced, and fair PvP scape that the traditional brackets are reworked. Instead of having a bracket of 10-19 where players are mixed in levels. Lets bump all of the players in that bracket up to level 19. So, if a level 10 player wants to play Warsong Gulch they will be bumped up to level 19 and will be even in level with all of the other players in their bracket.

Lets make the action bar specific to Battlegrounds. So, when entering battlegrounds your action bar will be different than the action bar you use in the world.

With this every player will be given all of their abilities for level 19 for use only in battlegrounds. A level 10 player will be bumped up to level 19 in battlegrounds and will be allowed to use level 19 moves. Once they leave battlegrounds their action bar will return to their normal action bar that they use in the world and they wont have the level 19 moves or talents anymore.

Okay. With all of this. Lets force players to wear battleground specific armour and weapons. No player will have super OP gear in battlegrounds. There can be armour and weapon differences based on class and spec, but thats it. We can allow players to earn cosmetic (only) upgrades by playing PvP more often and earning points. The more they play the cooler they will look, and more cosmetic options will be available to them.

The armour sets can get better as you increase in brackets. So, level 29 armour sets will look cooler than level 19 armour sets.

Also, we can allow the players to wear their earned battleground armour sets out in the regular world, and we can make those sets to be powerful for the regular world too. Although, when in battlegrounds their armour stats will be balanced accordingly.

We can allow higher level players to play in the bracket of their choosing. Some people like playing in lower brackets because the PvP is simpler and fits their PvP style. That is okay. So, we can allow for example a level 60 player to join the level 19 bracket. The level 60 player will be bumped down to level 19 and will only use the level 19 bracket action bar moves, and talents. The level 60 player will also only use the level 19 bracket weapons, and armour. If the level 60 player already maxed out the level 19 bracket they will have unlocked all of the cosmetics available at that bracket. Although, if the level 60 player did not play battlegrounds at the level 19 bracket they will have to unlock the cosmetics for that bracket like everyone else. This gives higher levels more content and rewards to play towards so they don’t feel left out, but also gives lower levels a fair PvP scape, and plenty to works towards as well.

This update will revolutionize WoW Battlegrounds, and make the experience more enjoyable. Instead of PvP being oriented around having better gear and higher levels. It will be oriented around class strengths, and weaknesses, skill, and teamwork. Which is what we all should want when playing WoW PvP.

With this update we can expand Battlegrounds and offer more maps and modes to play in. Like perhaps more castle / tower defense modes etc. The options are truly endless.

Lets make WoW PvP / Battlegrounds more fair for everyone no matter their level, or whether they are a veteran player, or a new player. All players can enjoy PvP equally.

If there are any questions on this topic I can elaborate further as needed. If any help is needed I would be happy to help as well.

Best regards, and
Thank you.

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