Make trade chat report option for spammers

Make a trade chat report option for all these spammers, they just make trade chat so annoying. Get rid of their ability to spam " WTS this or that". It has gotten so much worse throughout BFA. The only people who want it around are the spammers but the general player base is sick of it already.

In game you need to right click the line of text an select “report for spam”. That captures the text and sends the report to Blizzard who will act on it if they are actually spamming. It also temporarily ignores the person so you don’t have to see their chat during that game session.

Keep in mind, selling runs and things for gold in trade chat is not against the rules. It is only an issue if they are posting it so often that it actually constitutes spam.

Oh, and TRADE chat, is a place to sell things. Sure, other chat is allowed, but if you don’t want to see “WTS” you might want to leave the trade channel.