Make Total Mayhem a Permanent Arcade Mode!

Why is Total Mayhem the least rotated mode during events!? Its easily the most popular of the modes. I get it. The XP climbs faster on TM which makes loot boxes easier to get and less likely gamers will spend money on loot boxes, but if thats the case, just change the XP gain on that game mode!! I dont think anyone will care!

Its the funnest game mode and yet the the one Blizzard has the least love for! I dont care if JEFF doesnt like it! The game was made for the fans NOT for Jeff!!! We get competitive CTF but why not competitve Mayhem!??

Yes i am aware that we have the ability to create our own modes in custom games and workshops but that doesn’t allow the fairness of random competition. You get 12 players and unless they leave you’re playing against the same ppl and having to be the host and move ppl around is time consuming and inconvenient! I know this will probably not work but Overwatch needs to listen to the fans. I know hundreds of thousands that literally only play when TM is on. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Greetings Don!

Blizzard has many forums and each has a specific purpose. It is easy to get turned around. This particular forum is for the brand new Arcade package of “Antique” arcade games that was released during Blizzcon this weekend. That includes Rock N Roll Racing, Blackthorne, and Lost Vikings.

If you want to provide feedback about Overwatch you want to post where the Overwatch Community Managers monitor for feedback. That would be the Overwatch Forums (license required to post).

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