Make Mouse bigger (Desktop)

How can I make the mouse bigger? Can’t see when casting and when so many monsters are on the screen.


This! Also remove that “high level monsters” warning in the bottom middle of the screen. So tired of that box popping up and messing with my challenge runs…

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Yeah, I loose it and then click on things, its annoying! I really do hope they add a option to make the mouse bigger and change its color.

Not necessarily bigger, even, but the ability to either customize it in some way to make it easier to view, and more importantly, for it not to disappear after a period of time, which makes it a pain in the rear to figure out where the heck it is sometimes (especially in rifts, for example).

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I mean, its is pretty darn small on a 3440x1440 screen to a point where I think changing its color or shape wouldn’t make much of a difference

And be able to change the color of it, kinda stupid to have a small icon almost the same color as the background.

And the auto nav button, even when turned off it still appears as see thru on my screen.

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