Make d2 great again

Has it finally been cleaned from bots or should I keep playing other games until reset?

its been garbage for about the last 10 years or so… take a guess if its gotten any better?

online is literally ZERO humans

its all non ladder players botting ladder to earn fg on jsp for their NL characters. look into it. every mass botter on ladder is a known NL pvp’r

not hard to connect the dots

POD is about the closest your going to get to a decent d2 experience with other players and much less cheating.

As always, singleplayer mode reigns supreme as we laugh at the people who depend on others to get any enjoyment out of this game.

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I can’t get over how sad it is that this game is being intentionally destroyed.

And that blizzard won’t give us a good gaming environment :confused: pretty sad that we have to rely on private servers to have a good gaming time on d2.

Anyways, thanks for the answers.

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I’m wondering why the original release is at most,950 mb,(reading my Diablo 2 box set info) and the download is more than twice that…and asks me to spend more.Not really that interested to know,besides…I still have a nice tower running W$-XP if I wish to play…and a nice thrift store that sold this and the warchest of warcraft 3 for $5.00 unopened.(Copyright 2000 and yes,it had multiplayer,just not the nasty kind we know today.)

NL pvp is unbalanced and plagued due to hybrids, mass dupes, bugged items and too many hacks/mods.

Ld PvP is a lot more fun, balanced and fair. Ld is also a lot more active.

Argument that all ppl are selling botted gear to make fg is incorrect atm, prices are too low and if all ppl botting so who is buying and for what if all ppl got geared bots lol. Ld is alive cuz ppl still trading and pvm-pvping.


Because of the expansion. Even if you don’t install the expansion pack, the modern D2 client is basically a LoD client without the LoD stuff “enabled”.

ya thats pretty much right but no bots run on bnet anymore because xtrums told me so back in 2016

So the legends are true. no bots? since 2016? /Removes monocle ; I’ve been missing out.

On the contrary, there are more bots than ever before

Ya make it great again and SHUT DOWN the cancer called b net

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Ya at this point I’d almost accept just shutting down public bnet servers to rid the community of bots. Players would play private servers only and police their own community.

I would love to see bots removed from the game, alas they are as easy to find and spot as creating a character and looking at the game list and seeing games such as: HopeEnch937 or BusterBaal284. Just right in front of our face all the time and nothing is ever done, it’s trash.

For the record, the bots boost me and are helpful. I can get to from lvl 13-24 much quicker because of enchant bots. However, I would be delighted if the next best alternative was the best option (leveling in a group in A2-3).