Make Battle Tag Changes Free!

Please, please, for the love of god


There is absolutely no reason to charge an insane $10 to change your battle tag after the first change. This is an extremely dated money grab based on the beginnings of xbox live. It’s shameful and unnecessary.

The server costs to run a database query to change a battle tag is maybe a cent, especially with modern cloud computing and databases. Discord allows you to change your username (and tag) free, along with many other services. Heck, even VRChat allows you to change your name every few months, and they are a much smaller company that Blizzard Activision.

Not everyone has $10 to spare for a name change. Please get with the modern times and remove this fee.

Yet people have $15.00 to pay for a WoW sub, people have funds to buy Loot Boxes, other paid services, and even $40-60 to buy a new game.

I am sure $10.00 is not going to break your bank and if it does, you may want to change what game you are playing.

Also the main reason why they don’t make it free is because there are many toxic players out there that would abuse the hell out of that service by sending toxic post to people, then change their Battletag and go back and do it again and so on and so on.

I personally think $10.00 is fine since most don’t usually go and change their Battletag on a weekly basis.