Major wireless provider in Alaska not valid for phone numbers

I’ve tried to use my wireless number so I can play Warzone, but my number keeps coming back as “Invalid”. I even attached a copy of my billing statement to the support ticket to verify it is indeed a post-paid mobile account. After chatting with support, they told me their system classifies it as VOIP/landline. Unfortunately, where I live in Alaska, GCI is the only provider that services much of rural Alaska.

Checking my wife’s number, a wireless line attached to our business and a friend’s number all come up with the same error. They told me to just use a “trusted friend or family member’s number” but literally everyone where I live uses the same carrier. I see this is the same problem that Cricket users have, but without an option to change carriers.

This is the most idiotic error ever, I use this phone number to secure 2FA to my bank, investment account, and other more sensitive accounts. I have not had a complaint from any other company other than Blizzard that my number is invalid.

I hope they get it together and support Cricket, GCI and other carriers as “valid” for the purposes of 2FA.