Maintenance Notice - May 8, 2020

Apologies on the delay but we’re needing more time for this maintenance, and we expect it to be completed by 5pm PDT today.

Diablo II will be under going maintenance on its servers beginning at 11:30 am PDT today. During this period, login issues may arise for Diablo II, and access to the game may be limited. We expect this maintenance to last for two hours.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we will do our best to complete this work as early as possible.


Thank you for your hard work in keeping this classic game going!



What about this?

The fact you still do ‘Maintenance’ for this game, gives me goosebumps!

In a good way, so thank you for all your work!


Did it start early, like 4 mins ago?

Update: Saw others posting that it did indeed start already.

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Hope that add a bane wave to it too


You forgot the /s

The blues do not know better

Hey Blizz Team,
No pressure but time’s up :slight_smile:


just worked my azz off today to come to play to see i cant login lol. More coffee, baileys. who wants to start new HC east char? thinking barbi. Self found only this time no transfering.


Any one have any luck yet? Tried like 15 min ago to US East and no go. Asia was up, but the wait time for create was rough.

I’m down just ping me your username and i’ll message you in game

I just foudn this out when configuring some elgato stuff.

-sndbkg This enables sound in background

Alt tabbed out still hear the game.

why don’t they take advantage and reset the ladder?

I just started a few days ago on ladder, that would be extremely annoying if they reset now.

is useast still down? I haven’t been able to log on since yesterday. i was in game with my son on the same network , both games dropped. keep getting errors now when trying to connect.


How funny, my friend and I haven’t played this game for about 10 years and we wanted to play again tonight, but we can’t access EU server, we panicked and looked so long on internet, before finding this lol ! How incredible !

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A ladder reset would be good for me, too. Instead of waiting a few weeks (I heard to talk about June), i think as well do it now

still down for me 4:53 central

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Adding on to DeLorean it is also down for me(I am on the east coast but all domains are down). The maintenance probably got held up by something and is taking many hours to fix. Worst comes to worst(If they had good practice) they will reset the servers in a few hours to avoid maximum down time.

Also, A ladder reset would be a tad annoying. Started the game yesterday.