[Main Thread] Diablo 2 In Game Chat Issues

Same here still no Chat!

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It is hard for bot users and d2jsp users to controll their bots and tradings without a chat :smiley: :smiley: , good job blizzard u finally hit the bots and d2jsp users in bulls eye!

yea the bots etc the go around the ingame chat with the !chat. so all this is really doing is just making it more difficult for actual players

Any update ? This is insane that its taken this long. Ruining the game for thousands of players :frowning:

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Having this issue as well. Just reinstalled to get on for some D2 action with a friend. Not able to talk in games at all. Thought it was me, but it’s weird that other people are having it. Any word on a fix?

The chat issue is frustrating issue and I know many of you highly rely on the chat feature to be fully functioning, plus it can help with the in-game experience.

This issue is a more complex than expected. Because of the complex nature of the issue, this is not a situation that can be promised a quick fix or a time table on when there may be a fix for the issue. What I can say is that our team is aware of the issue and working on a few things related to the issue to help alleviate some of the problems, though it may not fully go away until we have the resources available to fully address the chat issue.

Keep in mind that, we only reply to a thread like this when we have meaningful updates. We may not have much updates on this for awhile, so we may not reply to this thread consistently, but we read each and every one of your posts. Please feel free to continue posting!

Finally, please be advised that we cannot address suggestions or feedback in Technical Support. To submit this type of feedback, please post in #diablo-ii-general-discussion.

Your reports and patience during this time is greatly appreciated while awaiting for more details and information here. I know this wasn’t the answer you all were hoping for and I wish we had better news here, but our team is aware of the issue and continually working on improving and fixing what we can in the meantime. Thank you all for your reports!


Even though this is not the update we hoped for, I do appreciate the update. One suggestion – If something this crucial is not going to be fixed in a timely matter, even if you don’t have “meaningful” updates, it’s still appreciated if you chime in every now and then (every day or two?) even if it’s just to say “we’re still working on this.”


Hi Caterpepi,

Sincerely appreciate the updates and taking the time to keep us informed. That being said, i still feel its unacceptable to not have a time frame for a fix on such a massive issue. This is literally ruining the game for everyone who plays on east ladder, which is the most active realm. If this was happening on any other blizzard came, it would be prioritized and fixed promptly. Always felt like Blizzard did a great job maintaining older games that people still play but this is just getting out of hand.


there no solution to this mess

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Any updates? Anything? :confused:

For the first few hours, playing with no queue seemed to be worth not being able to communicate in any meaningful way with everyone in the game. After those first few hours it quickly became not worth it.

I would trade back 2,000+ queues to get in-game chatting back. And that’s… sad.

I joke sometimes about how playing D2 is like an abusive relationship and dang, it sure seems like that.

We should be able to not have insane queues and be able to talk in-game. Both of those things should be possible.

So… any updates?

Seem that it has migrated to US west Also … can’t chat it sucks

its now happening on west too. seems like the problem is getting worse not better

So… Anybody mind telling me what’s going on?

I’ve just recently bought the game from the blizzard store and decided to come back to scratch that Diablo 2 itch after a few years and found out that I can’t read or chat in-game.

Everything else works fine, like the ! over the characters head and chat channel’s and I can see my text and other’s just fine.

There is no ignore list and I’ve checked myself that I didn’t squelch myself either…



This has happened on the USWest server as well. It just started over here within a couple days. Super annoying to try and trade people. Why would such a feature get bugged?! Who flicked what switch to make this happen? Is it a server hack? Or “Resurrected” server implementations. Who knows, but geez get this fixed please Blizzard!


USWest has this problem too, but there’s so few games available in public that I find it pointless to argue about. If only this game was still popular.

How is this a hard problem to solve? USWest Non Ladder servers have no issues yet Ladder do… Can you not simply check whichever changes you’ve made recently and revert them? Lmao

The problem has been on US West for a few days. Not every game, but 90% seem to have the problem. I play between 10 min and 30+min at a time. The problem never goes away if it exists when the game is created. I have played in 10-15+ games on US West today (Th, 13 Aug). Games were created by different players and by myself. Played starting about 5pm Bnet time and exactly ONE game had the message function working properly. I played continuously for 10-20+ minutes each time. The problem exists in both public games and private, password-protected games. I check when joining or creating a game, so I know if the problem exists in the game.

yeah it definitely doesn’t go away after a certain amount of time… well at least it doesn’t now

The guy that work on this game in the basement of blizzard was let go during a “revamp” and now he won’t come back and fix it.

I was talking to jesus through a hole in the floor he said our time is up we can’t stay here anymore.


Hey! Just want to add my report in as this is happening to me as well.

I have two legitimate keys from Blizzard and just installed recently around 3 days ago, patched up to 1.14, but have no chat functions while inside online games. I am unable to view messages i type and am unable to see others messages as well. This is permanent and has not gone away at all. My messages work with ! but that is it. I am definitely not muted nor have I ever been on any blizzard server or game. This effectively does make multiplayer worthless to play so i hope you guys can fix it soon! Despite what people may think a lot of us actually still want to play and I have run across many people in multiplayer who also cant chat who wanted to start new characters but we couldn’t coordinate because we couldn’t chat except for with ! to explain to each other that we are experiencing the same chat issue, then of course we just leave the game XD. Seems like a common issue at this point. This bug has never gone away for me it happens 100% of the time in 100% of the games i have joined and have tried to create on both us east and west realms. I have also tried reinstalling the game twice just for the heck oft and the problem persists through that as well.