Mac OS Catalina support?

I know the OS is still in beta and that I understand but the app doesn’t work and neither do any of the classic games or downloaders. My question is does blizzard plan to support OS Catalina when it is released by updating there games and app? I cross posted this cause I didn’t know where to get the best answer for this maybe blizzard can actually reply if the no anything?

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Hey, Darkraven!

Our software will work on Catalina OS when it is released. Beta and Preview operating systems are not supported for live builds of our software. So it is not recommended to use Beta/Preview builds while trying to play.

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Thanks! I was just wondering

Hey all,

Thank you for your continued reports. I’ve got word from our engineers that they have pushed a fix for permissions issues with the new OS beta and the Blizzard Battle net app.

Please continue reporting here if the issue continues or is resolved.

I’m running Verison 10.15 Beta, could this be the issue? Is there any kind of work around?

Thanks for any help!

I have tried multiple ways to get the blizzard app to install with no resolution. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Mac OS X Catalina shipped today and isn’t beta software anymore. Do you have a timeline for when Hearthstone will be supported on Catalina?


Yeah and as DarkRaven said in his first post, any news on support for the classic games on Catalina?

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Any news on this? I was literally about to drop like $200 on today… if this isn’t fixed by tomorrow… money is going elsewhere…

Ditto. Updated to Catalina before checking…and now Battle App & Hearthstone is dead.

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Is there any update? Catalina is no longer beta version, but the App has not been supported yet…


they have replied to no one regarding this…

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I would really like to play Diablo 2 but I can’t since the catalina update… could you guys at least give some type of update regarding this issue?

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