Mac Client crashing in and (updated post)

(Update: tested with patch and observed the same defect)
I am running on a MacBook Pro (15" 2017) with Mac OS 10.15.5 (Catalina). The game crashes now in certain locations. I believe this may be a graphics issue because it seems to crash when the client is rendering certain locations. For instance, I was on the stairs leading up to the entrance to the main castle in Revendreth. The client crashed. I reloaded a few times and had the same thing happen. But since the game successfully loaded each time, I tried reloading the game and starred at the ground. I was able to get up the stairs but then the game crashed. After that, I couldn’t log in the game without it crashing immediately. So I tried a different character and ran him over to the same location. It crashed again at that location. I loaded the game in Windows 10 running in a Parallels VM and it crashed, too. So I loaded the game in Windows 10 running in BootCamp and it works fine. I tried moving the character to the Maw back running in Mac OS and it crashed as the game rendered my character about to “land” in the Maw. So it doesn’t crash in just one location but it also doesn’t crash everywhere.

I should also note that since I suspected graphics to be the culprit, I experimented with turning down/off graphics features. I turned down the graphics quality to 1, I also went in to the advanced settings and tried turning off or at least dialing down where possible all the features. This had no impact on the crashing.


I expirience somewhat the same issue, i can log in on any of my characters and play but not my main. as soon as the loading screen is done the game crashes… havent found a good solution!