Low IQ support wtf

What kind of low iq idea is it to make it so that not only can I not change my country to the USA ( which btw I never left) from ROMANIA but I cant even secure my account for half a year because my very much American phone number isn’t accepted. this is the last time I’m ever going to attempt to fix this dumb bs sick of the circles support runs me thru, spent 2 hours trying to change it did all the support stuff just to have it denied instantly. like the title says. Low IQ.
Edit: BTW all this WHILE the dumb af auto locator thing says “e yuk sure is merica hyuk” sooooooooooooooo yea.

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You can change your country but it requires proof of residency.


As for phone numbers, CS can’t over ride the system programming. The FCC assigns tags to phone numbers when they are created. Business line, residential land line, contract cell, prepaid cell, VOIP, etc. Blizzard’s system won’t accept the prepaid cell or VOIP numbers. CS can’t change that.

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