Low drop in dungeons

20 runs and no single drop green…thats new patch?


thats why its a random number generator aka RNG

Yes, we know it’s random. That’s why, in the patch from a couple of days ago, they brought in a “pity counter” that’s supposed to ensure you get a set item guaranteed after a number of dungeon runs…

Dungeon Set Item Drops

All Dungeons will now drop a guaranteed Set Item after many Dungeon completions in a row that did not result in a Set Item being dropped. Dungeons boosted by the Codex have a lower threshold before a guaranteed Set Item is dropped.

Frankly, if 20 runs isn’t enough to reach this many dungeons counter, especially if any, or all, of those runs were in the boosted dungeons, then it’s either broken or effectively worthless.


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그리고 새주제쓰기 일부러 감춰둔거같은데 왜 주제를 못쓰게 해놨습니까??

Google translate gives us…

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Agreed. The drops have actually gotten worse since this fix.


Haha… thx guys for opening the post. Same here I was trying to see the guaranteed drop after „many“ dungeons. But two days in row nottin except the guaranteed green from 3 runs battlepass. So yeah they messed it up again and it is even worse than before and it was already disgusting low! Blizzard u and the noobs from netease really have no control over your drop rates. Get please a real experienced programmer on that task that has become a total mess…

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Today, I’ve been exclusively farming Cavern of Echoes which, on the server I’m on, is a boosted dungeon this week. I ran the dungeon 40 times, making a note of when I got a set item drop, with this result…

Set Drop on Run Number Gap Between Set Drop
9 9
15 6
28 13
29 1
32 3
40 8

So, the biggest gap between set drops was 13 runs, i.e. the pity counter cannot be lower than that and that’s for a boosted dungeon. The counter is higher for non-boosted dungeons. I’d suspect that the guarantee is probably at 15 for boosted dungeons. No idea what it might be for non-boosted.

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Drop rate is around 5% if you aren’t doing the guaranteed. This basically means you will never see one without doing hundreds of runs to get a large sample size and even the statistical average. On the plus side, they also nerfed legendary drop rates 90% this patch.

Unreal. Drop rates were bad before this latest update, now they are virtually non existent! 22 runs today and not a single drop. 25 yesterday, zero drops. At least 20 the day before, ZERO DROPS. What an absolute joke!

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You are luckier than I, if I ran 40 dungeons I might have looted 3 greens. It took us 1.5 hours to run 14. So almost 4 hours for 3 greens. I dare not change classes again to strength or int and back. It sucks, next to battle grounds and useless essences this is the next worst thing about the game.

Are you really claiming to have done 67 dungeon runs without a single set item dropping?

Drop rates are bad though. They give you set upgrades and then you don’t get the wisps you need.

Which character are you playing? My friend has got the same problem, he is pissed off, zero drop, he is playing wizard