Lost Vikings Definitive - Incompletable Level in Factory?

I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find a walkthrough for this level, nor can I find where anyone else has been unable to complete it. It’s in the factory, unfortunately I don’t know the password because it doesn’t display it when I give up and restart the level. It’s probably toward the end of the factory section, I’ve completed several levels there already.

This one starts with the Vikings next to a bouncy see-saw, with a force field to the upper left. You have to bounce a viking up to push a button to turn off the force field, which allows you to proceed left over a field of spikes, bouncing across two spring pads. You have to land Baelog on two brick platforms (which crumble) and shoot an arrow to turn off another force field, which allows you to proceed left under three pistons on top of a conveyor belt.

I’ll spare you guys the rest of the level, hopefully this has been enough to identify it to someone.

At any rate, eventually I arrive at a red keyhole and there has been no red key visible at any point in the level. I think the level may be broken because I can’t find any mention of it in walkthroughs/video playthroughs anywhere. Has anyone actually played through the factory in the definitive edition? Do you remember this level, is there something I’m missing? I know this game can be confounding but I’ve done this so many times now without success that I suspect something is wrong. I hope someone can shed some light on this because it’s driving me crazy.

Edit: OK I finally found a video of someone running this level, albeit with TAS: https://youtu.be/J4VhfPcKJ-I?t=790

The issue I’m having is that when Erik moves into the chamber to the upper right, I can’t jump high enough to get on the conveyor belt. Is this a glitch?

If you run and jump you will jump slightly higher which should allow you to get up on the conveyer belt.