Lost my characters just trying to play on PC

I started on mobile using my gmail, got battle pass and other stuff and played awhile to about level 30 on my main character. Then I went and made a battle.net account to play on PC using that SAME gmail, my characters were not there. I went on mobile, signed out and back on to try to fix it. Now my characters are all gone on mobile too. I lost the battle pass and all the purchases. I sent in a support ticket, no reply. I sent in another one now referencing my first one. My next step is to contact google to try to get a refund which I’m sure would destroy my chances of ever getting anything back to normal but with blizzard ignoring my tickets that’s what I have to do now. I’m never playing a blizzard game ever again if this isn’t fixed soon. I been playing blizzard games since they started making them. :confused: