Lost access to my account

After years of playing blizzard games, i finaly have lost access to my account, but not bcz of hackers, or bcz i lost my password, or my email, no sir, i got dissconecte(i dont know why) from the authenticator on my phone.
Guess what, now if i want to connect back the authenticator, i have to use a code which i cant get, if i want to disable it, i have to use my old phone number, which i no longer have access to, or a code that i can’t get, or prove that i am the owner of the account.
Bad news, i did 2 tickets to prove i am the owner of the account giving them my ID, i even have my facebook account linked to the account, and they sent me this : " The name on the primary form of identification did not match the name on the Blizzard account."
I said ok, if i dont have my name on the account ok, i payed with my own credit card, on MY name to get all the games, and subscriptions for their not so great lately, game.
Any solution, so i can get back into my account, anyone?
I am getting crazzy already, spent more that 12 hours trying to solve this problem but…no words…
I forgot to say that when i told them that i played on the account on my name, they told me that i could have used the credit card of Friends & Family, so does not count
Ok, so after i created this account i finaly managed to recover my account, thanks to Game Master Staordyn, who has a hearth, not like his other 2 colleagues, that canceled my request because they didn’t care(i assume)
Staordyn thank you for the help :slight_smile: