Lost 2,000+ gems due to armory bug

At first I do not believe the gems disappearing issue when switching armory builds thinking those people who reported it simply lost track of the gems and their levels or perhaps, the missing gem went through the stash until it happened to me today.

I recently crafted tourmaline, sapphire, citrine and aquamarine 500 pcs of each. I do not keep track of how many gems I have but im pretty sure I have 2 rank 7 tourmaline recently crafted just a few hours ago because Im trying to make it rank 8 but lack necessary tourmaline to do so so im certain i have 2 of those triangle gems.

then, its BG time [ about an hour ago ] and i switched builds - played 3 games and go back to crafter to try and see how many tourmalines i will need and to my shock - the two rank 7 tourmalines are gone from my bag. I did checked my loadouts and noticed that 2 tourmalines in my equip slot in the armory was replaced by rank 1 and rank 4 respectively which is unusual because i do not wear those and save it to my loadout.

I am definitely not certain what happened or how many gems i lost with regards to the other gems but what im certain is that i lost two rank 7 tourmaline as it was the only gem i kept track because im going to upgrade it. i also checked my stash for possibility that it went to another equips, its not there.

This is about 1 week of market hunting and around 400,000 worth of plats gone. I made effort for a week in prepping a rank 8 tourmaline so i can’t simply be gaslighted that I made a mistake - THEY REALLY DISAPPEARED.

I hope someone from the devs can check this. I logged in around 5:45 P.M Nov 30 2022 server time [Blood Raven] and crafted those gems until maybe 6:15 P.M then I played BG and use the armory. I discovered that the gem is gone at around 6:55 P.M after switching to my PVE build after 3 BGs.

As a warning to others:

OVERWRITE ALL LOADOUT AFTER BULK CRAFTING GEMS to make sure you do not revert the gems back.

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Just happened with me. lost a rank5 Sapphire. hopefully we won’t get the similar “compensation” as before. gonna lose interest if they mess this up again.

Happened to me also. Lost several ranked up Sapphires. Latest one happened to me today.

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