Looking for someone on WOW

I have never posted here so bear with me… I am not used to the forums for this game:

But I am seeking someone… He used to be a part of Dark Castle Mud and the Anarchist Clan long ago… He was a clannie there on the Mud where I met him quite a long time ago…

(Footnote: DC MUD is not worth yer trouble… A bunch of hackers, slackers, cheaters, drug-heads, thugs, Thieves and just plain sanctimonious ISIS type A–holes… Total wastes of space so don’t waste yer time trying it.) — > Wrong place and people you DO NOT WANT TO KNOW… ←

Anyway the person I seek went by the name of “Koh” – pretty good gamer and old friend. Not sure if he is here or not or anyone heard or knew him… on here that is. I just thought it might help to ask around.



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