Login then forcibly logged out

Same problem with missing friends list and logging into game.

Same, friends list is broken!!!

Can’t auth to US region. Repeat of previous issue.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if they acknowledged there is an issue and posted it on the launcher so we at least know, that they know there is an issue.

I cant log into Overwatch either

yes, because I thought it was only me , and I was like… omg

I have the same problem

en wow dragonflight es el mismo problema

error wow51900102
Client is fine-ish (I have the “continuously update every time I log in to the client” bug. No amount of Uninstalling everything and clean install gets rid of this.)
Try logging in to wow retail atm and it Hangs on “Logging in to game server” then crash to Reconnect screen with error msg.

I can log into Classic - Wrath of the Lich King without issue, but I cannot log into Retail.

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