Login then forcibly logged out

I am logged into the battlenet client fine but whenever i launch overwatch it logs me out and when i log back in the says trying to connect to server then forcibly logs me out. Why is this happening and is it only me?


Having same problem. NA. My friends list also isn’t working.


Also experiencing this.


This is also happening to me and no matter what I do it will not let me in.


Hi team, same issue! attempt to log in and then disconnected. please advise.

same probleme since 20h20

Resolved. Thank you.

YUP same here upon starting up OW2 lost connection and entered my email /password same result so the server is down, too bad it is not reported, or no place to report to support actively

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Same issue for me. I get all the way to “entering game” and then “lost connection to server”. I’ve tried restarting the game, the blizzard app, my PC, and did the scan/repair for OW2.


Seems to just have resolved itself, thanks team!


Resolved after trying for the 13th time.

yes same problem here

I have this same problem. I’ve tried everything and nothing works…

Same having issues with hearthstone. Sometimes won’t load game at all… when it does it doesn’t load friends list and errors when trying to start a match.

Are you guys getting ddos attacked again? Games don’t seem to be working right now.

Issue started then resolved itself for like a minute but then started up again.

I am having same problem. I tried to launch Starcraft 2, it kept logged me out after showing ‘connecting…’. Wow it ruined my break time.

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It is currently 2115 and I have been having this same issue for about 2 hours now, so I think it is not quite resolved yet.

Yeah I made a new topic about it… see games not working are you getting ddos’ed blizzard?

Somebody marked this as resolved so idk if blizzard will even look at it… so I made my own post.

Please continue there to inform blizzard of the issue.


I have this same problem. :frowning_face:

We have an update:

Game loaded with message:

We are aware of issues that are currently affecting users’ ability to launch and play their games. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

I am having all the same issues. It logs me out when trying to get into OW2. I was not having this problem until the update. Please help fix this issue.

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