Login Issues - USWEST - Blue Response needed

The “checking versions” was first mass reported on April 7th. It has now been 2 months, SIXTY days without resolution. We got the standard “The Dev team has been notified”, but what kind of dev team do you have that it takes them 60+ days to figure out an issue with a large majority of users logging in? I’m sure if any of the Devs actually play D2 they would also encounter the same issue.

So what’s going on? Why hasn’t this been readdressed or at least notifying the community of updates and fixes?.. Or, is my assumption correct, that it’s not being worked on at all?

So please, we need a response on this. It looks very bad on a company to allow an issue to go on for over 60 days with no response to the hundreds of complaints and no fixes.

Are we still going to encounter this issue going into the new ladder?
Is Blizzard planning on not fixing issues like this in the future?

I don’t want an MVP response, since they know about as much as everyone else. We CAN log in, we CAN’T login successfully without a absurd amount of trying. We shouldn’t have to try and login multiple times; it should work the first time, every time.


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Dear Spooky,

I wasnt able to log into USWest for a few months - decided to play on USEast. My friend just reached out - has a full setup on USWest. Decided to mess around, and got it to work with the following:

  1. Change the server to USWest from USEast (or a server that is working)
  2. Start a single player game
  3. Exit
  4. Trying clicking on Battlenet (should say USWest)

It took 2 tries, but I forced the game, and it allowed be past the stupid “checking versions” and “Unable to connect to battlenet.”

I HOPE this helps. Otherwise, sorry for wasting your time.


Amir - nRg