Live chat still off?

hours are 12-2 ptd if im not mistaken?

Yes, it should be available on the US region right now.

ive reloaded page a few times, tryed going thru my ticket to reopen and try to connect that way as well, still says its unavailable and says times are 12-2ptd

I’m currently seeing it available. Could you try another browser and see if this link works? Once you see it available and the ticket is submitted, please do not refresh the page as this will cancel the ticket and the live chat queue.

Thanks that link did end up getting me to someone!, I did try reloaded on the other pages i had opend before that at the same time and they still said it was still down i was using google chrome if that matters at all. Anyways thanks for the help!

Glad that worked, Purpl3Haze :slight_smile: