List your favorite(s) Ladder character this Season

Let’s post our favorite, most useful or unique characters we all came up with this season. Below are mine for this season.

Tesladin, (Holy-Shock/zeal) Paladin

Trang’s Summoning Necro

Fury Druid

Axe Frenzy Barb (Still pow level)

Trap-a-Sin (still low level)

After this long, there are no unique characters. It’s all been done, and if you want the most useful characters, it’s easy, just do an internet search and you will find the answer. Prior to bots getting gear, it’s always been the sorc for the teleport to make MFing easier/ faster.

You must be fun at parties.


I built a budget bvc: Daibo. Was a fun mid ladder dueling scene too. Lots of gg players around.

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Even tho the Que lines for making games are bad I found that the community has rallied together to help each other out even more than normal. Someone will make a game to drop useful albeit unneeded items for lowbie and new start players to help themselves. Also when trading up for a better and more quality item I’ve found that the players this season are very generous and helpful.

The game has always been like that. Right from the start. The community that plays this game is always giving away free stuff to new characters…

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I’ve not been as lucky to meet these people from the start. Many times I’ve had my trades and comments laughed at and or straight ignore/exit game. I mean if my item wasn’t 10/10 perfect it was now worthless? I’ve always been the type of person to find the “lesser than” items at times even more desirable.

I’m still working on my meteorb sorc this season. The long queues have deterred me from playing as much though, so I’m only lvl 84 right now. Waiting up to 5 minutes to start a new game is a real PITA.


I’ve always made ww barbs with Ebotd Cb, Grief/ss combo but decided to make Ebotdz/Beast Frenzy build and its a lot more fun. (Although ww was bugged like crazy the last time i played.) Its crazy how fast you can run.
Its just a shame bnet cant keep up with those kinds of run speeds and it back pedals you.

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Been running a rabies/fury druid. I enjoyed playing it so much I’m trying it out on hardcore.

My hc chars-

orb/tele/static sorc - was strong at AT, summoner, countess, Pindle and Meph.
orb/fireball/hydra sorc - building this currently, lvl 23ish
kick/trapper w voice of reason - fun and cheap. Good at the pits.
barb - lvl 70 frenzy barb, I need to get him some more gear.