List of quests required by quests seems suspicious

So this thread alerted me to some quest requirements data now available in the quest API: Documentation for the quest requirements data?

Specifically, some quests in /data/wow/quest/{id} return a “quests” object inside the “requirements” list, and that “quests” object includes nested operators and conditions (required quests). See the linked thread above for an example. So that’s cool.

Since we don’t have a published schema for this (or any) API, I was forced to download every quest to determine what sort of values to expect in there. I ended up downloading 29,570 quest URLs. (My ID list may have been incomplete, there may be even more.) It looks like the format for the quest requirements is a nested structure, where “conditions” is either an array of quest stub objects, OR “conditions” contains an “operator” object and its own nested “conditions” object. Cool cool.

Here’s where it gets weird. Of the 716 quests I observed which require other quests, the format is always the same: (X AND|OR Y) AND|OR Z. Always 3 quests, always 2 connected then 1 more outside. This doesn’t seem right. What about quests that simply have one prerequisite quest? Or quests with 2, 4, or 5 prerequisites? Also, I’d expect a list to have OR:[X,Y,Z] instead of OR:[OR:[X,Y],Z] if you catch my meaning.

Having quest prerequisite data would be cool, and this is a good start, but I feel the data is incomplete when the only ones we see have exactly 3 prerequisite quests. I hope we get even more quest prereq data.

Hi Erorus,

I do not have an immediate answer for you on this, however, this is something I am looking more into.

Thanks for your patience.