Linked the Wrong Console and Accounts

Hello everyone

I previously connected the wrong account to my Xbox Live account to my account and now when I want to connect the correct account, I get a message that I have to wait 365 days before I can connect a different account.
Does anyone know how to connect the correct account without having to wait this long?

I do not understand how a company that seeks so much that one makes the connection between accounts of different platforms to share information makes us wait so long for a change?

For a little more clarity, the erroneous account does not have any game information, and the new account will be the one you use for Xbox Live services and for the new console that is coming soon.

I know there are similar rules for other platforms, but friends have been able to make the change under the commitment that it could only be done once before having to wait that long. Perhaps an identity verification can prevent this from being used by unscrupulous people.

I also attach an article from the same blizzard page indicating that one can disconnect the wrong account and connect a new account, but among the articles there is no mention of any time penalty, and it is even indicated that it can be done disconnection at any time

Linked the Wrong Console and Accounts

I hope to find some help and hopefully everything can be resolved in the best way, since I do not want to lose the progress, I make on the new console with Blizzard games