LEV and DYN runes not sellable at Cellik

Hi there.
I’m from a European server Gharbad the Weak (but the European support forum is dead, so I come here to the US one).

Since the release of the Blessed Pebble and Abiding Curse, the runes to craft these two gems have also started dropping in Elder Rifts when using crests. The runes used are LEV (for Pebble) and DYN (for Abiding). Unfortunately, these two runes are not recognized by the runes vendor, Cellik, to be traded for ATI runes.

In later game modes, you want to upgrade your legendary gems, for which it requires some certain specific gem (duplicates). To make these leg gem upgrades, one needs to craft gems of a particular kind, and to craft non-random leg gems we need ATI runes.

Being unable to get ATI runes for our LEV and DYN makes progression a lot slower.

I feel these two runes (LEV and DYN) are so new they’ve been forgotten to be put into Cellik’s database of recognized runes. Feels like a simple fix. Even a hotfix, possibly.
Have the dev team been made aware of this already?


Was going to post about this. I’m running out of runes fast and my big stacks of LEV and DYN need to be used to buy ATI runes! Please allow them to be sold.

Tickets have already been posted about this! Search before to post next time!

a month later and they still didn’t fix it…

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