Let us Solo play this is ridiculous

Such a stupid and arbitrary hurdle that HELL 1 requires an additional party member and worse that anything above that requires a full party.

All you are doing is purposely throttling player progress in favor of people who buy everything.

You have a really fun game drowning in a sea of gross p2w mechanics and currency conversions.


It is not hard to find members of a party at all. On the servers I play on (one NA & one EU), it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, I can always find random players to join up with (4 at Hell2+) to run dungeons or farm XP. Playing with others in a party is a staple feature of MMO games.

Or… I shouldn’t have to play with other people. I am not a social critter. I detest multiplayer. Let me play alone. It’s what Diablo was originally about. The Nephalem (singular. Non-plural).
I don’t want to play with you or Valuerockr. I want to play solo.
It’s not about availability of people. It’s about forcing gameplay onto unwilling people.


Just wait until you get to hell 2 and it needs 4!

Why don’t they bring followers out like D3? They could charge a fortune for them on the store :wink:


As a solo player with cognitive disabilities, I would like to see the option to not track the optional Warband quests. I’ll never do those because I don’t play with others, and they’re very distracting in the tracking window.


I’d like to hide PvP objectives.


This is tech support. You might as well be telling this to Mcdonalds drive through.


I agree with the OP. When I play on a phone I do so because I am on a lunch break of waiting for a meeting to start etc. It is something I can do casualty, the requirement for party completely ruins it. Just let me solo enter, if it is too hard for me to kill the bosses well, thats on me.


Agree 100% with OP. Waiting for a party in a game like this is a terrible experience.


It’s not like there is any other forum to use.

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good to hear some people can find 4 players anytime immediately but my experience on my server is long wait times… this is needs to be changed to solo only or people will stop playing because they can’t find people to grind dungeons with.

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You sound like you are on my server lol. So man trolls that people just turned their chat off all together now it’s nearly impossible to find teams unless you want to wait an hour. “TippinOnMyHa (Arkaine’s Valor)”

I can’t find players at all on Hell 2 for the dungeons I need. I can go the entire day without finding a group in party finder or matchmaking.

Hell the party finder is broken, it shows other servers whom I can’t join anyways.

Just let us solo play. You can keep the stupid gem drops to x4.


I agree - dungeons should be available for solo play. To be able to complete daily rewards I had to switch to normal difficulty because I was not able to find party members at higher difficulties. Wasting time by waiting if someone joins is terrible user experience…

100% agree, I want the ability to run content solo b/c when I want to enjoy my Diablo experience I don’t always want to do it with randos.

Forcing me to group and then forcing me to sit through the cinematics b/c someone won’t skip them is pretty brutal, especially on dungeon run 50+ when all I want is that juicy set item.

May be worth making a discord for your server to make finding others a bit easier?

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