Legend rank shouldn't face diamond ranks

It’s a matter of mindset for a lot of players. not everyone wanted to go high legend when they hit it. I myself play the best deck possible to get Legend ASAP. then, I mostly try different types of decks and mostly off-meta decks. Or I try to unlock annoying achievements. when you lose some games in legend your MMR is close to diamond 1-5. On the one hand, I try to complete achievements or enjoy off-meta decks, on the other hand, my diamond rank opponent easily crushes me by playing the s tier deck in the meta.
that’s a problem to me. It is more like a punishment to hit legend in this situation. Like I’ve already beaten a lot of even shaman or pirate rouge, and they don’t even let me to reach 4-5 mana for a lot of achievements. but in legend, there is more chance ppl play different styles like yours.
a legend rank always should face a legend rank.

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