Lead of SoD - Alliance Biased

Lead of SoD team is a paladin and the Alliance being handed easier runes and much better gear rewards is called favoritism and is highly illegal. You can try to escape it, but Blizz has already been sued before for favoriting one side of the “factions” over the other. This will NOT continue. Being the Season of Discovery, it’s really annoying to DISCOVER Blizzard has not changed at all. The runes are hardly anything new and neither is the raid. Catering to the whims of your pathetic Alliance players ONLY because you main Alliance will land you in prison and with a hefty fine. Those of you Alliance defending them are only happy things are getting handed to you and you don’t have to work for anything, and those of you Horde defending them are brainwashed or Alliance mains commenting as Horde for some reason. No Dual Spec being the cherry on top of the BS Blizzard tries to spew forth as “new”. Try and listen to your whole community and not just the Alliance, which is what you have been doing for years in ALL versions of the game.

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Phase 2 favors horde dude calm yourself there is no need to panic read up on our legal system this is not a valid reason for a lawsuit

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