Launcher killing the internet

Hi! I’m having a little bit of a trouble with the app. That is when I try to download WoW it works just fine but the whole internet in my house just dies when it’s downloading, except the download itself. It’s very stressful as I have more users that need internet on their devices. If u know a fix or something, don’t hesitate to answer, it’ll be very helpful. Thanks.

Hey there,

It sounds like “Quality of Service” settings on either the network or computer is setting things to low priority to focus on the installer. Information on how to login to most routers can be found here. Once logged in to the router look for anything that says Network Prioritization, Quality of Service, or similar. From there it’s a matter of either disabling or reconfiguring it.

Another thing to consider is available network bandwidth. By default the app is set to Unlimited but if the ISP only offers limited bandwidth it might be a good idea to try manually setting it to a lower value.


  1. Click “Blizzard” at the top left corner of the app, then settings
  2. In settings go to Game Install/Update and scroll to the bottom
  3. Change the Network bandwidth from “0” to a different value. I normally recommend 5000 which is 5 MB/s. Though if the ISP does not offer bandwidth that high a lower value might be better
  4. Click Done then retest the issue

Let us know if this works!