Last played needs to go away!

Please make an option to get rid of the last played bar on the launcher. It is hideous and also redundant. I would rather just keep using my favorites bar that I can set up and delete at will. As a company you should realize FORCING players to have ANYTHING is a terrible design decision.


The whole new launcher just needs to go away, there was nothing wrong with the old one.

If the option to revert could exist, I’d be so happy.


It doesn’t work when it comes to Warcraft Classic either. You can have Wrath or Era but not both.


Very much this. Last Played is redundant. And, as mentioned above, it doesn’t allow you to pick which Classic edition you want to play. Classic players are pretty much forced to use Favorites anyway.

I’d rather have one bar with icons than two bars with the same icons in them.

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