"Last Played" is redundant and needs to go away!

Who gets paid to approve these kinds of changes? If it must stay please give an option to turn it off.


Agree, Completely idiotic… Way to waste Dev hours on useless un-need features that nobody asked for.


I would absolutely love the launcher of 2 big updates ago. I hate this ad filled launcher. I hate Last Played taking up real estate. I hate that I can’t completely hide the Friend list instead of, you know, if I care to see friends I could manually open it with a menu or something. I hate that a selected game is full of ads for every other game, up top. It’s amazing how they keep making the launcher worse.


I 100% would like to see an option to hide last played since it eats into favorites. :frowning:


+1 to the “remove this, or at least let us turn it off”.

It’s ugly and takes up a huge amount of space for almost no benefit. Add an option to double click a favorite icon to instantly launch if the split seconds it takes to click a game and then click play is an issue


Can we get an option to completely disable this, please? It’s unnecessary and actually makes it more annoying to launch stuff now. I don’t think anyone asked for this, but giving us the option to use it would be better than pushing it on people with little to no way to disable it entirely.


The ability to quickly chose between Wrath Classic and Classic is now almost impossible without launching the wrong game multiple times.
Please make it easier to choose which version of classic I want to launch.
I play Wrath more, but do play HC classic, and the launcher goes to last played version (Wrath) every time.
Make it easy without having to juggle in settings, it was easy before, now its a PITA.

Agreed. Let me get rid of this feature. You already let us have “Favorites”, and organize them as we like. So I HAVE the game on my list in the order I WANT them in. This new feature bumps some of my games off the list now, defeating the purpose of having that “Favorites”.


It´s a pointless feature that only makes the app worse in terms of overview and functionality.

Favourites + the launcher starting on the last played games page already gives the functionality without a clunky bar that drains on the space for the favourites bar.

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+1 “Last Played” is redundant and needs to go away!

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