Ladder Reset Teams for June!

Another Season and maybe the LAST SEASON before the Remaster of the best RPG in history Diablo2!

we are making teams again this season and if you wish to join and or form one jump in the discord —

we are mostly hardcore and we DO NOT WELCOME BOTS(Cheatos) OR CHEATERS(NOLA). we have given up hope on losers like them being banned but we still try our best to make the Ladder fun and exciting for the rest

we have Legit Ladder so you can compete to be on that
we have Baal games going on most of the day
MF games where people get to claim a boss or area to farm in a 8man game
our own trading inside the discord so that we dont support the botters

so jump in the Discord and let us know what you plan to make this Ladder Teams are being formed now


yeah haxingisforfun here, long time d2 player, us east hc, ill play the first month and get to 99, i dont use d2jsp or bots, just my sorc (fireball) and boer.

holla at u boy

Said no one ever until now because it’s never been done, ever, not even by bots.

I hit 99 every ladder, within 3-4 weeks kiddie

Before they eliminated XP gain from minions within uber tristram, this was easily achievable and also VERY BORING…
However you said “every ladder” which includes some after that patch, so would you please share any video showing your 504 to 672 hours of continuous play up to the moment you hit level 99? Thanks.

i doubt he gets to 99 but so long as he pushes without botting im happy. it realy sucks how the ladder dont mean anything because we cant compete with bots we have to sleep we have to eat we have to live our life and the bots just have their program running as they troll the forms and sell everything on JSP

Nobody cares about the ladder. It is useless and all those names tell nothing to anyone )

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you going to cry again after dying to normal durry

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keep my name out of your mouth, peasant.

come see me in person then make me keep it out! ill break you jaw kid see me in person low life botter!

sounds like a threat

“Come see me“ isn’t threatening, it’s keyboard warriorism.

lol NOLA you going to cry again on DURRY! #bestsorconHC

is their a lot of players in it? if so can we make our own teams?