is not working

It always returned “504 Gateway Time-out”

(ex. d3/profile)

But, eu.api or us.api is working very good.

Apologies for the late response. There was an incident that affected the Asia/Pacific Game Data API services that has since been resolved. If you continue to see any similar problems, please let us know.

How do I contact a dev and hand them all of jiegauns bot’s pathing I have his folder sitting in my downloads folder not just his full “packet” bot but his “manual” play hack

how can I give these to a dev so they can take his pathing and use it to ban botters in the reset.

only thing I dont have is his HWID but you guys should know what to do without a hwid you’re the “pro’s” after all right?

or do I have to wait for blizzard to change hands to bill gates serious question

This forum is for Blizzard’s web APIs. It has nothing to do with game development and it is not scoped to a single game.

My suggestion is for you to try contacting Blizzard through the email listed in this support article: Want to Report an Exploit or Hack - Blizzard Support