Kiriko's Swift Step Sends Me Back To Spawn

EDIT: added patch number for specificity
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Wondering if anybody else has experienced this, and if this is a fixable issue either on my end, server’s end, or otherwise.

Replay code on current patch ( - 112214): DQACX8

On Control maps, I’ve been doing that thing that higher-level/pro players do by boosting teammates out of spawn with Lucio’s speed boost, then I swap to Kiriko and use Swift Step to catch up to my teammates so I can push in with them.

On the first and third matches on this Lijiang Tower match, I used Swift Step at the beginning of the match and it sent me back into spawn and started the cooldown counter, leaving me behind my team. In the third map on Gardens (around the 9:30 mark), it resulted in an unnecessary death of my tank that I could have prevented had I been there to keep them alive. In both occasions, it would not likely have resulted in a better outcome for my team, but there’s no way to truly know.

All other instances of Swift Step worked as intended; it was only the first use for the first and third matches. I have no idea what caused this to occur these two times, but I haven’t experienced it at any other time in this or any other patch.

A separate but potentially related issue: There are occasions where I will press Shift for the Swift Step ability, the animation and sound will occur, but no movement will occur and the cooldown counter will not start. I assume this is an issue with synchronizing with the servers and it will happen on my side, but some data is lost on the server side, so it reverts the ability usage. This is a bit jarring, but at least it does not force the cooldown timer to begin, preventing usage entirely until the ability is available again.

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