Kicked out of game - couldn't rejoin - lost SR

Got kicked out of the lobby due to some sort of server connection failure (which seems to be something that has been happening a lot to people recently). Now normally when this happens to someone I’m playing with they say they just restart the game and can re-join when it loads back up again. So I closed the game and it apparently needed an update for whatever reason (despite the fact that absolutely nothing changed/updated when I launched again) This update, I think, is what made it so I couldn’t join back to my comp match.
TL;DR - Kicked from game, restarted, game updated, couldn’t join back… this game is a disaster.


same happend to me and now blizzard blames us for a problem they amde

I have not been able to finish more than 3 levels because it keeps kicking everyone out!! This has been going on since I logged on after the update. It is really getting annoying.

Almost exact same problem. Two friends of mine trying to play with me and none of us can host or join any games without one or all of us being kicked from the server. We restarted at least three times, all of us. Very frustrating when you can’t play a simple game of cod without encountering major bugs. Maybe if they stopped putting so much effort into Vanguard. Thats unfortunately all they care about now. The battle pass was completely Vangaurd. What kind of sht is that? Wrong game to be producing Vanguard skins on COLD WAR.