Keep getting BLZBNTBGS80000011 error

I have tried all of the suggestions in the support documentation for this error without success. I was able to log in just fine through Wednesday, and then as of Thursday evening, I was unable to log in. This is extremely frustrating.

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Blizzard issue. Don’t waste your time with their moronic trouble shooting, I spent over 10 hours trouble shooting.

I bought new laptop and still get the same error on a fresh PC. After resetting router. and even using VPN.

This is blizzard’s fault 100%

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I got a new computer too and I copied the World of Warcraft folder from my old PC to my new PC and now I get an error but one that ends in 888.

I got this error now and i cant go online in the battlesnet desk app…
I even reinstalled the app but same.
Did this erorr pass away after a day by its own or ?

I have same error, but when I connect the pc in a different network it’s work. I called to my ISP to refresh DNS and other stuff, but I always have the same problem in my network :sob: