Keep getiting error BLZBNTAGT00000960

I keep getting this error when trying to update my call of duty games and nothing seems to fix it and i end up unistalling and reinstalling the game completely which takes forever. Is anyone else experiencing this or has in the past?


I have the same problem for a month and there is no solution to fix that but to reinstall game.

Has there been any update on this error I uninstalled that game reinstalled is same with the launcher itself i tried install on an external drive and same error pops up

lol I just uninstalled vanguard but now I cant download it again :skull: I have tried everything… updating my drivers, I even uninstalled the app and downloaded it again but sht aint working I just dont know what to do has anyone found a solution yet?

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need a solution asap !

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i really need a solution for this

i really need a solution for this

ME Paso lo mismo en este momento desinstale y lo instale pero nada segui los pasos y tampoco ayuda porfavor

No, they are to busy making new content instead of fixing their game. They are a bunch of retards


I am also getting this constantly. They need to resolve it.

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Hi, I had the same problem and I found a solution. just go to your task manager and close out both the update agents in the background process. than try updating call of duty.


Hola, yo tuve el mismo problema y encontré una solución. solo ve a tu administrador de tareas y cierra ambos agentes de actualización de en el proceso de fondo. que intentar actualizar Call of Duty.

voy en chimba a intetarlo bro muchas gracias espero y me sirva de ayuda

bro disculpa no logro entender muy bien el procedimiento como podria comunicarme contigo personalmente para que me ayudes con eso porfavor seria de mucha ayuda todo sea por el juego jajaaj estoy mal sin jugarlo

Having the same issue! Really blows my mind that there are issues at hand and are being completely ignored!

Cause: Game files are corrupted. This can happen due to many reasons, like unstable connection, antivirus quarantine, malware, dying hardware, etc.


There are also lots of other fixes across the web.

i did everything on the solution format and it is still not working i need help please!

did this work for anyone else?

this happened on the new map update dropped in once it said it needed an update and hasnt worked since

Got this error today on my notebook after coming out from suspension, already do near 65% progress.

What worked on my machine:

  • Task manager ‚Üí Kill blizzard launcher, kill blizzard Update Agent
  • Run as administrator Launcher

hope this work same on your PC

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