Just purchased diablo 2 and cant connect?

i just bought diablo 2 and when i try to connect online it says “cannot connect to battle.net please try again in a few minutes” or something like that?? are the servers down or something.

There are two things that will cause this when attempting to play Diablo 2 on Battle.net:
1: An active VPN connection.
2: While using business class internet service.

Unfortunately both will automatically restrict you from playing on Battle.net for a two week period.

If you would like a Blizzard rep to confirm this and if true give you a time frame, you can edit your post, to the right of your topic, there is a pulldown. Click it, scroll up one and choose “Classic Games Tech Support” and then save the changes.

You need to sue Blizzard

I just bought this and now I need a CD key to even play. Kinda getting tired of this already

That’s how it’s been since the day Diablo 2 was released, thus is normal.

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so im banned for 2 weeks as soon as i bought the game??? how does that make any sense…

Did you attempt to log into Battlenet with a VPN running, or from a business location?

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no im at home, and i dont even know what a VPN means

Do any of these apply to you:

no i legit just bought the game… installed it… ran the game clicked battle.net and it patched… closed the game reopened it and cannot connect


Their could be an issue with logging into the service. If it doesn’t let you in after a short break, you can try submitting a Tech Support ticket for 1-on-1 support.

EDIT: I’m going to install D2 and see if I have the same issue. Brb.

I’m wondering if Seatbelt has an antivirus package that includes a VPN service…

Okay, so…

I installed, ran it and clicked Battlenet. It ran what looked like a patch and while on that screen a popup appeared that said " You have been disconnected from Battlenet. Please Reconnect."

Is that what you are seeing, Seatbelt?

If so, something else happened after I completely closed out of the game. (I’m using Win8.1.) Once the game closed, a Windows message popped up saying that there was a compatibility problem with Diablo 2 and that compatibility changes were automatically made and will take effect the next time the game is launched. So I launched it again and everything worked. I was able to get to the Battlenet log in screen. Problem is, I have no idea what changes it made. :frowning:

If you can get to that point somehow, it appears to fix itself.

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the exact message i get is “Checking version…” then it goes to “battle.net not responding try connecting again in a few minutes.” after a while.

Ah okay. That’s different than what I got.

Are you installing digitally from the Blizzard Download website or from another source?

If from another source, try the digital download.

bro i just bought the game from blizzard… downloaded from blizzard… installed from blizzard and cant connect. did yall steal my $20 or what lol

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I wish I had more ideas! From here, I’d just use the support ticket I linked above to get some 1-on-1 help directly from Bliz.