Just another tunnel

I have the newest bug. So far has cost me three days of challenge rift. Rift 222 " another player on your party is on another server you cannot enter" … I am not in a party. Nor am i from another server or even another player. Thank you again for setting me back days . O and before you respond witj clearing cache. I have closed game un installed, installed, ran fix, cleared cache a dozen times. Stood on my left foot while holding a unicorn chanting blizz blizz blizz.
Why the unicorn you ask. Well you have better chances of seeing one then techs responding with “hey got that fixed by the way heres some comp for the issue and time lost, see you on the leader boards” .
Tunneling responses to a 3rd party app violates your own EULA while we are signed in to your network.



  1. Ask in clan chat / world chat if someone can group up with you for a few seconds
  2. When someone responds, invite them to a group, then leave group
  3. Go do your Challenge Rift

same issue, also cannot be invited by another clan member into a group. Very multiplayer at this point. Unfortunately not able to summon a unicorn as they all have gone on sabbatical having worked very hard as gamer support animals.