Just an observation

90% of the people who complain about bots still use d2jsp, follow bot runs, and like people who can give them speedy rushes using map hack. Can’t have it both ways folks. Either need to be hardcore anti-botter with a ZERO CHEAT policy, or use/support bots and hacks (the status quo for the last 20 years bascially). Can’t sit here griping, while essentially encouraging and using the cheats yourself.

I fail to see where you obtained these statistics…
You’re also griping about people who are griping…
Just being observant.

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Taking count of the people of the forums and observing them in game, to include self-proclaimed “legits” that I see following bot runs. :slight_smile: I would post screen shots and call people out, but that’s not allowed here. Outing cheaters is frowned upon. I also do not care if people bot, I simply dislike the hyprocrites trying to get people banned for something they use.

Op you sound like one of those smart people who yell IF IT’S NoT wHItE it’s BlACk! GrEY is A lIE

Nah, I acknowledge that Blizzard dumps little to no money into a 20 year old game that probably costs more to upkeep than it has made in a while. I acknowledge that there is a low level of skilled people to work on this game. I acknowledge that it’s plagued by not just bots and cheats, but also poor administration. I know there are absolutely innocent folk out there getting screwed by half cocked ban waves and lockouts. However, if you dig deep enough, follow some funny Discord chats, and hang out with the dregs you’ll see quite clearly that there’s a concerted effort to circumvent any and all anti cheat processes in place. Many of them come here in groups to troll and act as doomsayers, thinking they can persuade the public to their side and force Blizzard to lay off.

Other than the 90% figure (it’s probably close) DM is entirely correct.

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