[June 28 & 29] Can't Connect to Blizzard Services

Dced in game when hunting for Long Forgotten Hippo…first received alert on BNet disconnects and then got kicked off game. Having a lot of issues with over all lag and getting errors with instance or area zone ins with transfer aborted. In addition non of my toons can get on Warfront as it auto bugs and disconnects me.

Did everything what i have been asked including reinstalling game, deleting all addons, folders (WTF, Cache, Interface)…multiple things. ultimately decided to just dont do any more warfronts.

Please fix your issues Blizz… coming from one of your earliest clients to the game.

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Launcher is down, I was in queue # 4,019… I closed it and reopened it, now it says 15 minute queue time just to log into the Launcher.

We are aware of the issues currently with connecting to our services. Our team is aware and working on the issue.

We’ll continue to update this thread tonight as much as possible, but please keep a watch on our twitter for further updates as well!

you know your “experts” cant fix this issue and it is getting to be a real pain in the backside. For a massive company that we pay money to this is a total joke. Apart from DC’s and DDOS attacks and huge lag times cos the servers are not up to par to host this many people. C’mon Blizzard get your act together


I hope the people reasonable for this Ddos read these forums. Why you do this during these hard times is so pointless. I am a front line worker, working extreme hours, looking for a little entertainment to depressurize after long days at the hospital. Well done

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So what is the current state on this issue? any official answer or is it still down?

I checked the blizzard twitter (@BlizzardCS, @Blizzard_Ent, ) but they have no revelant information on the issue, which tells me that there is still an issue.

[Edit] We’re are seeing issues come up again. Reopening this thread. Our team is aware and looking into this issue.