[Jun 2] Can't Login/Disconnections

why boot me out of my game make it a log in issue then have me sit in a 20min que?

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Read the bottom of the launcher and you will see that they are currently dealing with a DDoS attack that is causing latency and disconnects for players.

I take it thats the reason for all the connection issues but im just curious how long the attacks usually go for …estimated of course. Thanks

Thank you for your reports! We are aware of the issue causing login or disconnection issues. We’re working as quickly as possible to alleviate the issue. We’ll continue to update this thread and our twitter.

[Update] It looks like everything should be stable now. We’ll continue to monitor, but how’s everyone doing in-game and logging in?

Help please, after I click my character to play, It says “player not found”. Ive been farming runes for my enigma for weeks. please help :frowning:

Are the systems still down? I can’t log into my account anymore. I’ve tried re-installing but it won’t let me uninstall nor install. Also, tried deleting “battle.net” and “blizzard entertainment” in c:/programdata and re-ran the installer and failed to do so.

Release 80$ to buy and disconnect in 5 mins while play game.
So bore.

Are you , all of you Blizzard , cheating us???

Closing this thread as we have confirmed the issue that we were tracking is resolved now. If you have other issues, please start a new thread.