Jah Rune Etomology

I took this from Gnostic Teachings . Org

"Hallelujah is a Hebrew word. Hallelu comes from the word Hellel (praise). This the word Hallelujah means, “Praise Jah.” Jah is the representation of Mother and Father united in one body. "

I interpret this Jah meaning as Yin and Yang (feminine and masculine of the Tao) :yin_yang:

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What a bunch of nonsense

That’s a compliment coming from you.

cool, thx for sharing this idea

El rune also might have it’s etymological origin from esoteric Old Testament teachings. El in the word Elohim means God in reference to the first sephirah of the highest triangle, the highest god archetype on the Tree of Life, Kether. Similar, and related to Praise Jah, Elohim is combination of words “El - oh- im” (rune word) that means congregation of Gods and Goddess.

Ohm, found in all the great religions is a combination of letters (rune word) that creates a mantra which is referred to as “the sound of the sun” or “the sound of light”.

Zod, is a derivative of Zodiac, which is an integral part of the ancient hermetic traditions. They related the macrocosm of the stars to the microcosm of archetypes upon the tree of life (the human soul) . The word zodiac at it’s most basic means ‘cycle’. As above, so below.

All the D2 rune names are link to real words - when linked with other letter combinations. An interesting one is Ber, which is found in the words liberty and liberation. When your first Ber drops while on the road to 99, liberation from the challenges of staying alive begins. lol

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